Hamburger Mary's Bingo

HamBingo Mary’s

HamBingo Mary’s is a weekly charity event held in Hamburger Mary’s Show Lounge, with a different charity beneficiary every week. Hosted by our Bingo-Diva Savannah Westbrook, this is NOT your typical “church basement bingo.” The show can get a little risqué, so enjoy the drink specials and leave the kids at home! It’s all about having fun while supporting local charity groups.

Guests are asked to make a $15 donation to play all night (10 games, three chances to win each game). If you want more chances to win, additional cards are available (Note: there are no cash prizes!  This is a charity event, not a gambling casino). The money collected for Bingo cards go directly to that night’s charity.  We also feature special shots and drink specials that benefit the charity as well, so “eat, drink, and be … MARY!”

There is a different Chicagoland charity group or organization every week, and they range from dog/cat shelters to local theatre troupes to HIV/AIDS organizations. The best way to find out which charity is coming up is to follow us on Facebook!

If you know of a Chicagoland charity that you’d like to see at HamBingo Mary’s, send us an email and we’ll reply with some information on how to participate!

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